Shop Till You Drop

Shop Till You Drop



Central is the biggest department store operator in Thailand. As the leading retailer of consumer goods, garments, electronics and foods, the company has its business presence nationwide and its annual grand sale is on slate.

Art Direction

The concept “Shop Till You Drop” is used to communicate shocking prices at the annual sale. By viewing from the other side of the window, the print showcases a dramatic chaotic scene of women climbing on glass window craving for stealing price.

Guerrilla marketing

guerrilla marketing is used by releasing a viral video of a woman fainting in a department store. The incident was widely discussed on online social media whether it was an honest fainting or simply calling for attention of her boyfriend. Another video later unfolded to bridge to the “Shop Till You Drop” concept.


Number of shoppers in individual branch increased 17%. Revenue was 19% higher than the previous year.

Within five days, the video clip reached up to 570,000 views and 700,000 shares. It gained free media for a value of 12.4 million baht.