Feeling Small

Feeling small



Cash advance business is a highly competitive finance industry in Thailand, and Kiatnakin Bank wants to finding ways to set its cash advance product  to win public awareness of the product.


People’s financial problems can be complicated, making it impossible to address them very directly. However, the communication must still be clear and easy to understand enough to be grasped by those who facing one. 


A figurative expression of feeling small when one is broke can be visualized to show the feeling of people in a financial crunch. For them, it feels like they physically shrink while continuing to struggle in the fast-paced life of modern-day society. Common scenarios such as home extension, pregnancy, wedding, and start of entrepreneurship are used to tell the difficulties anyone can be facing. 

Television commercial concept " Feeling small " 



The ad touched the prospects of those dealing with a personal financial problem. Applications for the product grew up 70%, along with 40% increase of income, and Kiatnakin Bank rose to No. 1 in cash advance loans. The expression “feeling small” also became a slang for being broke.