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The invisible bird


When we discussed the impact of social media on our lives. Nowadays, people spent tons ofhours per day on social media, with or without noticing how their opinions and decision-making process have been shaped in an insidious way. In response, we think it would be interesting to build a mechanism to remind people of the opinion bubbles they live in, by allowing them to physically interact with one of the social media behemoths. In our case, we decided to use Twitter as our target platform to make people think outside of their thought cages.


Of all the tools that have built the advancement of human society, words are by far the most powerful. Words can capture empathy- deliver joy or they can be destructive, used to create pain.Today, words overwhelm our networked society, flooding us in the form of 34 gigabytes of information each day. Yet we can only absorb a sliver of that information when we create our opinions, thus keeping our perspectives narrow.

We have applied a machine-learning algorithm called sentiment analysis to identify emotional patterns in the words we use online. We analyzed tweets written by people around the world every sentence word by word In hopes of creating a way for people to engage with differentpoints of view, and even challenge their own from the positive to the negative.Showing the polarity of opinions before deciding what to believe to expose the invisible thought cages we’ve built around ourselves and to see just how long we’ve been trapped.