Museum of revenge


Museum is a space to document history written by humans. Namely, the context and substance of museums are created by human’s point of view. On very few occasions do we ever contemplate on the repercussions of our activities to other creatures on this planet. Let alone their perception towards us. The underlying assumption for this phenomenon is human beings are the most powerful and important species in this world.


The concept of “Museum of Revenge” is to illustrate the invisible ruthlessness hidden in plain sight of our daily lives, and to arouse the sense of empathy among viewers. We intend to treat the subject matter radically. We aspire to overthrow what may be seen right and hence unwillingly neglected in a striking approach - by switching the roles of human beings and other animals. Imagine in an alternative parallel universe - animals, aside from humans, take the throne on Planet Earth - what kinds of museums will they build? Granted animals have a voice, what would they say about us?


The pop-up paper museum renders augmented reality as the tool for audience to experience a peculiar encounter. After scanning the invitation letter, the audience is presented with different scenarios where animals carry out serious maltreatment on people and state how they enjoy taking on the revenge. Carpet made of human skins, human head hanging on the wall, as well as skull preserved in Formalin. These objects poignantly call attention to the cruelty imposed upon lives and are aimed to provoke thoughts to develop further discussion and reflection.