HACK Cool inside out




Hacks Candy had not launched any messages into the market for many years which leads to disconnection with the young generation. That year, the brand wanted to bring Hacks back to the market by promoting its selling point, which was the coolest and most refreshing candy. However, communicating to the target via TV commercial could not guarantee the expected result. We had to find the way to create a direct experience with young generation to stir buzz. 


In Thailand, free samples of candy products were mostly distributed in pubs to create refreshment after people drank or finished meals. However, we did not only want to apply the same method, but also prove that Hacks would give them an unexpected cooling and refreshing experience, This would be guaranteed by their own pee.


We change the spot of giving the sampling in the pub to be in front of the restroom. While there is no one inside, we hide some dry ice in the urinal. When the target walks in the restroom to pee, dry ice in the urinal will start working leading to the cold stream blowing up around the toilet. Also, there is the poster above the urinal making a surprise to the target with the message, “Hacks, Cool Inside Out”.

All reactions will be filmed and edited as the VDO clip in order to create further buzz via online