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Tanic response to A Short History of Gaze.

I found A Short History of Gaze is great example to summarise on the long journey of human evolution through VR Experience. Some people may think about the future of storytelling should allow the audience to decide every step of the journey by himself but I personally tend to disagree with that concept. In my view, well composed t structure of story still an important factor in term of guiding the audience to a fantastic experience and transform experience into long term memory.

When we started to dive into the VR world, the first thing that people start to look for is to discover how many possibilities that creator allows us to interact with space such as “Can we walk?” , “ Can we jump ?” or what kind of action they require us to do? But the first ocean scene did its job well by forcing the audience to be a good observer without any activity more than keep watching until we were floating to the surface of the ocean and then they start to combine small interaction and narrative in apes scene.

One of my favorite scene is the space that allows us to be surveillance watcher who looks for people who are different from group norm. It is a brilliant way to make small interaction become more effective and it was also reflected the world we are living.

I realized that the content of A Short History of Gaze is similar to a famous book Sapiens, the brief history of mankind in a Virtual reality version. Imagine if every school use open source VR technology for the Biology or history class, our future will be filled with endless opportunities.

Tanic Nakpresha