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Game design : The collectors

In the game---monopoly, our role is supply-demand. The game offers us assets, like houses, tokens and at the same time money.  As time limited, we simplified the game props it offers, just keep houses, tokens, the game board, dice.

At first time, we set the rule that everyone try to use houses to buy one token they want randomly, and the houses can be added or lost by exchanging the token they have, but soon we found that people have no motivation to chase the token they want.

Then we add the game board, people can get houses through the walk in board and also people need to stop other players to get what they want. The game become more fun, but still left one problem---the houses is too easy to get, players will win quickly. Then we adjust the token price a little higher, every player will need to collect 3 or 4 tokens. This means players will need to bidding one same token. Finally, the new rules work.

Tanic Nakpresha