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Critical Objects : Final Proposal

For my final, the topic I am working on is devoted to raising the awareness of apocalyptic ramifications of honey bees’ extinction caused by human interference.

Neonicotinoid pesticides are generally adopted by farmers to kill honey bee, an insect of great significance to our food chain thanks to their ability to pollination. Nevertheless, studies have shown that the usage of pesticides may wipe out honey bees both in the short- and long-run. And as one can imagine, the single annihilation of honey bees is likely to bring unthinkable consequences to many life-forms, ultimately human beings, as triggered by the chain effects. So, the question here is, how can I use technology to control animal behaviors that does not only fit general human interests but also preserve the safety of animals? The two constraints I established are as follows. First, I would like to create a device or DIY toolkits that can be produced or replicated effortlessly.

The set-up and assembling should be easy so that the object can gain wide prevalence in relevant social movements without borders, serving as a signature object for the welfare protection of honey bees (and many more beings as a result). The second constraint is that – during the production or operation of this device, no honey bees should be harmed even though it reaches the same goal as pesticides in terms of deterring bees from flying in certain area. The aim is to strike a peaceful yet powerful impression for viewers to understand the cause and grab the environmentally friendly message immediately.


Attribute: Social movement device

Device: Insect repellent sound

Mood : Eco friendly

Tanic Nakpresha