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A whole new way to play

A whole new way to play


A whole new way to play When I was young I used to play Lego in the usual way like other children did. I connected many pieces of brick together to create a house, boat & etc to create an exciting narrative. One day , I went to my neighbor house to play lego with him and at that moment I realized that everybody has his own way to play around this amazing toy. My friend created his own game called Car Crash which two players had to build their own lego car and crashed car of the rival. The person who is able to break a car of the rival most won the game. It’s sound like pretty normal behavior for an 8-year-old boy who loves action movie and a bit of danger adventure but that was the first moment in my life which reminded me to think about the designed effectiveness. Many questions came to my mind when I started to design my terminator car, I had to think what type of brick structure can absorbed pressure from the rival ?, what kind of form can break the opponent car the most ? how heavy it should be? should I prepare an extra wheesl when the main wheels are slip away during the battle?


From that old day till now I grow up as a designer, I realized that the moment in my childhood was the first lesson that touch me about Form follow function by coincident, the toy we used to play is one of a good element changing the way we see the world and the shape of our future.

Tanic Nakpresha