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Graveyard of My Childhood

Graveyard of My Childhood

That cute boy in the photo was me 20 years ago, he looks cuter than what I am looking right now. My childhood is similar to other kids who were born in the late nineteenth. century, we were surrounded with plenty of toys. When we were young, we did not consider our toy as a plastic bricks or fluffy dolls. We may create a fantastic name such as Lego or Teddy bear. It was truly sad that one day when you grew up to become adult, we were not playing with our imaginary friends anymore.

I still remembered so well when I was 16 , I had a very hard time when my parents asked me to donate my toys. Of course, for me I did not see them as a toy but I saw them as one of my best friend. This memory brought me a question whether there is any similarity between Graveyard and Toybox? A graveyard is a place where we keep the body of our beloved person, even though that person is no longer stay with us anymore but we still need something to remind us to a special person in our life.

For this reason, I made this Virtual reality piece that allows me to jump into virtual space where I can go to visit my Spaceship Lego and a Gameboy color I used to carry them with me in my school bag and always play with them at any time I want to.

In my opinion, I see the Virtual reality is not the place where we can escape from the reality of our life. In contrast, it should add more depth and field to express our stories. Graveyard of my childhood is a reflection I created from my childhood toys, even though some toys are no longer with me anymore. Time could change things or people but memories always remain the same.

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