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Surveillance Countermeasures: Expressive Privacy via Obfuscation

had heard many people said “Data is the new gold”. This new metaphor actually came from all of us who allow the intangible assets slip away from our pocket every time we use a web browser or posting any social media. No matter we aware of it or not, whenever these gold coins slip out from our pocket , it automatically generated a significant profit to the giant tech companies and advertisers.


Many questions pop up into my mind after I’ve been using Track me instead of web browser plug in.  I Like What I See, by Steve Klise and Scare Mail by Ben Grosser. Even though I agree that individual user should find some solutions to protect the  privacy of individual data against the unfair system which tries to steal or take advantage from our posting data. However, I also have some doubts in the methods  they use to resisting against the system by creating garbage in / garbage out to make random noise on our search results even though we make data tracking became more challenging to  analyze. But when we thought back about a gold coin that slips away from our pocket, these tools do not fix the hole in our pocket yet, the root of the problem remains the same in this case.

It definitely might be some gold coins of data slip out from our daily usage which I am pretty sure that some data analysis or artificial intelligent machine would have a smart approach to fix these problems and start to quantify by separating between what is a junk data and what is gold data.

This article recalled  my memory in nineteenth century when people tried to use FloodNet simple Java tool which was aimed  directly to a targeted website that would constantly reload every few seconds. I realized that myself also became one of the disobedience individual who enjoy the celebration after a website crashed. In my opinion, these weapons seem like an act of rebellion more than a tool to solve the problem. This article lead us to a bigger question on how could we start to fight for freedom when we have no power to choose our chain?

Tanic Nakpresha