I try

ICM :W4 : Catcher in the lie V2.


Im glad that i come up with some idea that i like to work with and keep developing. i realize that keep working on one project is suit my working behavior more than do some quick and dirty work every week. At the same time this situation is a Double-edged sword which brings problem to slove.  When i keep adding more and more function in program. I also have to deal with  complexity and untidy code Which might cost an error.


i try to apply Array function to keep data of my question ,  answer , photo  in place. then use function to call back to check that answer that user pick is match with answer or not. i think array function is really helpful to make my code more clean and tidy.



I also add a song to give audience a sense of mystery. and end up choosing  Sherlock Holmes OST produce by Hans Zimmer. and also upload a Right and wrong sound effect after user click button.  I ran into programing problem for a while  because  my array of answer are in Global variable. i can’t program if else statement in Global variables but I found make 

User interface

I try to connect narrative story that everyone know about truth and lie and i came up with idea of Pinocchio as a key visual. I try to apply logic of the game with visual background that i made. whenever user get the right answer Pinocchio norse will get longer. In contrast if they pick the wrong answer Pinocchio norse will get shorter. 

Tanic Nakpresha